On the SEEing list for 2020: Hiking through beautiful red rocks in Sedona, AZ; Mexico City for fellowship, fiestas, and my first hot air balloon ride; A 2-week solo Germany road trip to fairytale castles and picturesque towns, I FINALLY get to see the Netherlands during Tulip season; and then immediately after, another two week solo road trip on the Emerald Isle; I’ll get to photograph a Santorini sunset and soak up the rays in Crete during a month long stay in Greece; in July I’ll be heading out on a weekend long scuba diving excursion to plant coral in the Florida Keys and my most exciting trip to date….swimming with Humpback whales in Tonga! This is one of my biggest bucket list dreams and I am so excited to finally make this experience a reality. I’ll extend my Tonga trip to Fiji after and then head to New Zealand to camper van around the south Island through September. I think that will keep me busy for most of the year!

OK SO ALL OF THAT WAS PRE COVID-19. As many other travelers I am disappointed I had to put some adventures on hold, no one wants to be apart of a pandemic but that is the world’s reality right now. I’m thankful to have a safe and comfortable home base where the local community seems to be virus free.  Words can’t express how grateful I am to those service workers and healthcare providers who have put their health on the line and continued to work for the greater good. It is an uncertain world right now and I’m wishing good vibes to all through this troubling time.


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